Hudson’s Bay Holiday Window Display


This year’s theme is Christmas Factory.


This year we had a warm Christmas. I remember in the past I had a hard time to take pictures with iphone, because I had to take off my gloves for touch screen. But this time is above zero, I event made videos.

I found I’m such a terrible observer. In the past my companion always found little cute or funny details in the display, but this year I failed on finding details.







Missed it.


It has become a tradition for me to visit Hudson’s Bay every year during the holiday season for their elaborate holiday window displays. This year, I went to see it with Comic Monster, and he always pointed out little details for me in each scene.

img_2957Comic Monster: Look at the feather at the end of the stick, ah… the racoon is trying to tickle the fox’s nose.


Comic Monster: That’s funny… snow mouse~


IMG_2976.jpgIMG_2977.jpgComic Monster: Hey! look at their shoes!


Lili: I can’t believe there is no moose!

Comic Monster: Yeah, there is one in the background of the 1st window!

Lili: You are right… I can’t believe there is no beaver!

Comic Monster: (laughed)


This year had my favorite display, lots of details. Especially the underground mouse family using reclaimed human junks to be their furnitures, was such a cute and creative idea.  I went to see it with raccoon #3, one elf in the display reminded him about his friend who played in a classical Christmas movie as an elf when he was young. I wonder how he’s doing now. I guess raccoon #3 doesn’t have his friend’s contact any more.

Sadly, I don’t know where the pictures are…