The Renting Process

If you haven’t worked with a Realtor before, I’d like to let you know that our services are free for all tenants, and below you can see how we can help you throughout the whole process.

1. Set Your Criteria

Feel free to call me or email me to discuss your needs and wants on your rental search. Let me know when you are planning to move, your budget, area your prefer, etc. I’d be able to show you recommendations that match your requirements, and filter out the ones don’t make sense.

2. Prepare Your Documents

Before we go out and seeing units, there is a list of documents that you need to have ready in hand. Let me know if you are professional or student; depends on your situation, it will be different set of documents that you need to prepare.

3. Showing Arrangement

We require a 24 Hour notice for showings. Let me know your general availabilities for booking arrangement. Along with the units you have selected, I will be giving you other options that I think will make good match with your criteria.

4. Place an Offer

  • Once you have found the right property, I’ll draft an offer and send it to you for signature. After you read it through and finish signing, I’ll submit it to the landlord for review. Usually it takes 24 hours to get their response (weekends could take longer), and the result could be:
    1. offer accepted
    2. offer refused
    3. landlord send back counter offer with changes
    4. no reply from landlord, and our offer will be automatically expired after 24 hours

5. Firm up a Deal

Once your offer has been accepted, within 24 hours, you will need to arrange a Bank Draft for the deposit, paid to the landlord’s brokerage. This deposit will be held in the brokerage’s trust account till the day you receive your key, and then it will be released to the landlord.

6. Moving in!

On closing date, the landlord or their representatives will bring you the keys, in exchange you need to give them 10 post dated cheques. I’ll email you a detailed to-do-list so you know how to get ready to move.

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