Rental Application Package

1. Completed Rental Application Form (Please download editable PDF)

You can leave the first paragraph empty, and start from NAME. You don’t need to do the signature and date for now. When you are ready to make an offer, I’ll fill up the first paragraph, and prepare all other documents, then sign all pages together.

2.  Government Issued Photo ID

Acceptable Photo ID: Driver’s licences, Passport, Permanent Resident card, Citizenship card (issued prior to 2012), Provincial or Territorial Identity Card

3. Full Credit Report (TransUnion EQUIFAX, CreditKarma)

Equifax and TransUnion are the two national credit bureaus in Canada. They are recommended, but you can use other service as you prefer. Please [download/ Save as/ print as PDF] the full report, showing all payment histories, collections, and debt ratio, not just one credit score page. I had clients complain about Equifax, so TransUnion is recommended.

4. Proof of Income

  • Employment letter: stating the time period you have been employed with the company, and your annual income.
  • Recent paystubs / T4: the HR department can be slow sometimes, especially for big companies. Provide your paystubs or T4 when your employment letter is in delay.
  • Tax Assessment / T5 / Bank Statement: those are alternative proof for income, if you run your own business.

5. Letter of reference

It will be nice to have a reference letter from your employer, previous landlord, or other people you know. This is not mandatory, but something nice to have.

*** For students, please provide your Photo ID, School Enrolment Letter, and Rental Application. And your guarantor provide their Photo ID, Full Credit Report, and Proof of Income.