International Buyer

1. Purchase Purpose

Anyone from any country can buy real estate in Canada for self-use or investment. However, owning property in Canada will not be able to help to impact on immigration or citizenship status.

2. Getting a Loan in Canada

Qualified international buyers can get a loan in Canada. The minimum downpayment required is 35%, and the lending institution will also ask proof of income and credit history for mortgage approval.

3. Non-Resident Speculation Tax

NRST took effect April 21, 2017. It is 15% in Ontario. A rebate (paid with interest) may be available to qualified candidates, see details here: All rebate applications must be made using the Ontario Land Transfer Tax Refund/Rebate form for NRST.

4. Signing Paperwork

Real estate transactions can be processed digitally. Canadian banks, however, will require in-person signatures to approve your mortgage. In case of your absence, you can set up an executed Power of Attorney to sign the paperwork in-person.

5. Income Taxes

All non-residents who are receiving rental income are required to file an Income Tax Return in Canada. It is best to consult with an accountant who handle taxes for non-Canadian-residents.

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