Conditional offer to rent

1. Prepare Your Documents

There is a list of documents that you need to have ready in hand. Let me know if you are professional or student; depends on your situation, it will be different set of documents that you need to prepare.

2. Place a CONDITIONAL Offer

Before making a trip to the unit, we will submit a CONDITIONAL offer to the landlord to make sure the landlord will accept the application. However, the offer will be conditional upon tenants viewing the unit and be satisfied, otherwise offer will be voided automatically.

3. Bind or Void a deal

  • Once landlord accept the tenants, and agreed to the price and possession date, we will arrange a showing to check out the unit in person. Tenants will be asked to wear Masks and Gloves, and a Covid-19 declaration form need to be signed before the showing.
    1. If tenants like the unit, then they need to sign a Satisfactory Notice to waive the condition to bind the deal, and this notice need to be submitted before the condition expiry deadline.
    2. If tenants don’t like the unit, then no further action needed. The offer will be voided automatically at the condition expiry deadline.

4. Firm up a Deal

Once the Satisfactory Notice is delivered, within 24 hours, you will need to arrange Wire-Transfer for the deposit, paid to the landlord’s brokerage. This deposit will be held in the brokerage’s trust account till the day you receive your key, and then it will be released to the landlord.

5. Moving in!

On closing date, the landlord or their representatives will bring you the keys, in exchange you need to give them 10 post dated cheques. I’ll email you a detailed to-do-list so you know how to get ready to move.